NeuroPsych:Biopsychology- States of Conciousness

HW Read TAP 8 and do Ebook Quiz 3/14 3/15
Clicker Quiz 8 3/14 3/15
TAP 8 Lecture and Activities 3/14-3/21
TAP 8 UNIT TEST 3/31 4/1
HW TAP 9 Reading and Ebook Quiz 4/2 4/3
Clicker Quiz TAP 9 4/2 4/3
Altered States Lecture and Activities 4/2-4/15
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  • On the left half of a piece of paper, list three ways in which they would like to improve in school or extracurricular activities.
  • How would you characterize your sleeping habits?
  • Why do you think today’s teenagers don’t get enough sleep?
  • If you could plan when and how long to sleep, what would you plan and why?
  • At what time of the day do you feel most sleepy? Most awake? Do you structure your day around your daily rhythm of sleepiness and energy? Why or why not?

Sleep and Dreaming  Supplementary Resources
Psychology Today:  Articles on Dreams
Science Network Symposium on Sleep  (New addition!)
Nova: Sleep and Dreaming-Video
The Mind: Awake & Asleep-Video
The Brain: Sleep and Cicadian Rhythms 5 min video
The Brain: Brain Functions– 5 min video
The Brain: REM Sleep– 5min video
 UC Berkeley Psych 106: Sleep & Dreaming
American Academy of Sleep Medicine
National Sleep Foundation
Sleep Well: Dr.  Dement Website (not updated since 1999)
Stanford Sleep and Dreams
Brain Basics: Understanding Sleep
Physiology of Sleep> Brain and Neurotransmitters
10 tips for better sleep
How Stuff Works: Dreams
One Eye Open–RadioLab
Sleep Deprivation–RadioLab
Neuroscientists Can Decode Our Dreams
TED: Gambel: Our Natural Sleep Cycle
TED: Huffington: How to Succeed? Get More Sleep!
This American Life: Fear of Sleep
Sleepwalk with me (also available on Netflix)

Drugs and Other Addictions Supplementary Resources:


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